Effect of Permeation Enhancer on Bioavailability of Formulated Patches of Glibenclamide

  • Ashish Kandalkar Research Scholar, Faculty of Pharmacy, Oriental University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
  • Nitu Singh Oriental College of Pharmacy and Research, Oriental University, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Keywords: Glibenclamide, Cinnamon bark, Folding endurance, Ex vivo, Phytochemical


Objectives: The objective of this study is to extract Phytochemical constituent from Cinnamon Bark and to design and develop the transdermal patch of the herbal drug along with modern medicine Glibenclamide using solvent casting method to reduce the dose required to obtain same pharmacological the effect, also to reduce the toxicity of the drug. Methods: The Glibenclamide Transdermal patches were formulated by using the solvent casting method. The physical and chemical similarity of the medication and the base of patches were studied by Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). The outcomes recommended no physical and chemical properties incongruence between the medication and the patch base. The formulated transdermal patches were assessed for the weight difference, fatness, folding endurance, wetness, moisture captivation, ex vivo drug release, ex vivo drug absorption. Results: The diffusion examines were performed by utilizing the Franz diffusion cell and everted gut sac method. The best formulation F5 showed Thickness 0.230±0.009mm, Weight uniformity 0.170±0.021gm, % Moisture uptake 8.307±1.00 Moisture content 5.045±0.214, % Drug content 80.80±0.091, Folding endurance27±4.50. Formulation F5 exhibits the highest % cumulative drug release 67.90±1.01% in 8hrs and highest %Drug absorbed 4.263±0.41 in 120 min. Conclusion: It can be concluded the formulation no. F5 shows maximum bioenhancing action compared to all other patches which contains Glibenclamide along with the Ethanolic extract of the Cinnamon bark.


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Calibration curve of Glibenclamide.15
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