Assessment of Antioxidant and Pancreatic Lipase Activity of Smilax zeylanica Roots: An in vitro Analysis

  • Rosaline Mishra Uttarakhand Technical University, Uttarakhand, INDIA
  • Divya Juyal ITS College Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
  • Sadish Kumar Shanmugham Roorkee College of Engineering, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, INDIA
Keywords: Antioxidant activity, DPPH, Smilax zeylanica, Pancreatic lipase, Phytochemical Screening, Alkaloids


Objectives: It is well established fact that the phytochemicals with phenolic and flavonoids origin have antioxidant property. Thus in this study it was aimed to determine the in vitro antioxidant potential of various extracts of Smilax zeylanica L. stems. Methods: The Photochemical screening was done following the standard procedures. The Antioxidant activity was tested using several in vitro assays, viz., 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) assay. The Total phenol and flavonoid contents were determined by colorimetric method. Further porcine lipase activity was determined. Results: The phytochemical screening revealed the presence of phenols and flavonoids the extracts. The Methanolic extract showed significant antioxidant potential than other extracts in all assays. The IC50 value of cyclo hexane extract , ethyl acetate extract and methanol extract of Smilax zeylanica was 29.14 ± 0.39 μ g/mL, 78.41 ±5 .53 μg /mL and 120.30 ±3 .32 μg /mL respectively in DPPH assay. Porcine pancreatic lipase inhibition assay lshowed dose-dependent effect. The % Inhibition of cyclohexane extract (SZH) was 37.52% 54.44% and 77.07% at the highest dose 200 μg/ ml. The highest inhibition was obtained in the methanolic extract at 200 μg/ ml conc which was close to the standard orlistat i.e. 82.39 at 200 μg/ml. Conclusion: The methanolic extracts showed potential pancreatic lipase inhibition.


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DPPH %age free radical- scavenging capacity for standard and extracts of Smilax zeylanica
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