Bioinorganic Chemistry of Co (II) and Mn (II) Complexes

  • Vinay Kumar Srivastava Department of Chemistry, DS College, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh,
Keywords: Antimicrobial, Spectra, Enzyme inhibition, cytotoxicity, Synthesis


Objectives: Schiff base ligand 2-thio phenyl glyoxal anthranilic acid is used as the starting material for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. The main objectives of the Study was to synthesize, characterization and biological evaluation of a octahedral complexes of Co (II) and Mn(II) containing 2- thiophenyl glyoxal anthranilic acid as ligand. Methods: Ethanolic solution of ligand 2-thiophenyl glyoxal anthranilic acid added into the ethanolic solution of metal acetate the resulting solution was refluxed for 2 hr the product thus obtained was filtered, washed with ethanol followed by ether and characterized by various spectral studies and biological significance. Results: The resulted complex was investigated by the help of elemental analysis, Molar Conductance, Magnetic moment, IR, Electronic and NMR Spectral Studies. Spectral data indicates that the geometry of the complexes are Octahedral. The result of biological and cytotoxic studies indicate that complexes are much more biologically active as compared to ligand fragments. Conclusion: The complexes are biologically active and were found to be effective in all the human cancer cell lines.


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Chemical Structure of Metal Complex. M = Mn (II)/Co (II)
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